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Read With Me

Read With Me

Available online and in the iTunes store, Read With Me streamlines the burdensome and time consuming process of monitoring reading progress for all grades. It is built for mobile devices so anyone can now conduct "running records" using their own text, recording videos and generating fast reports that can be shared with parents and other teachers.

Read With Me is a web and iPad solution for administering oral reading assessments, or running records, on any web device. These paper-based assessments can take a whole week to administer for an entire group, and the process is tedious, slow and inefficient. So we built a platform that would greatly streamline the whole process, while adding some amazing new features to make the monitoring of reading progress more meaningful and engaging for parents, teachers and students.

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Yooply home

Yooply is a comprehensive behavior management app built for all web-enabled mobile devices. Going beyond apps that help teachers keep track of positive and negative behaviors in class, Yooply closes the disciplinary circle to include office referrals, detentions and other consequences, as well as student reflections.

Yooply is not a new behavior management system for your school, but a way to put your existing discipline plan into everyone's pocket, including parents and students. You can customize your user experience to include the behaviors, rewards, and consequences that work for your school culture.

We are currently developing this tool and beta testing it with a few schools. To find out more and to sign up for announcements and release dates, please visit yoop.ly.

Core Math Jam

Yooply home

Core Math Jam is designed to meet the new Common Core Standards in Math. Built to help students master the new curriculum, Core Math Jam offers detailed explanations on how to solve problems, as well as keeping track of individual question mastery.

Students are engaged with earning rewards, unlocking avatars and mastering math content presented in a fun, yet challenging way.

With Core Math Jam students can do their calculations on the screen, get feedback on question performance, and keep track of their own progress.

Coming soon to the iPad, Android, and Edmodo App Store.

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sleek-geek is a Bay Area edtech start with deep roots in the classroom. Founded by two tech-loving teachers and one web developer, sleek-geek knows what schools, teachers and students need to succeed in today's educational landscape.

Our mission: to develop touchable curriculum and tools for teachers and students based on real needs. Years of classroom experience across the grades guide the development of apps that are relevant and engaging, while meeting pedagogical and efficiency needs.

Francisco Nieto

A 14 year veteran of elementary and middle school classrooms. Now handles iPad development and front end web

JeanCarl Bisson

Web guru and serial hackathon champ. He hacks for food and free T-shirts. Wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Reina Sofia Cabezas

Technology teacher and 1:1 implementation specialist. Reina leads product development and communications.